Extended Family Assisting Single Parent Families In Financial Need


Rocio working on Amanda


Dr. Kessler and Rocio with Amanda


Dr. Kessler working on Amanda


Kessler & Resnick Agoura Hills Dentist
Dr. Kessler with Amanda on 2/20/13


Agoura Hills Dentist Office - Rocio working on Amanda
Rocio working on Amanda


Dr. Kessler, Agoura Dentist, working on Amanda
Dr. Kessler working on Amanda, 3/4/13


At Agoura Hills Dentist Office, Rocio works on Amanda
Rocio works on Amanda on 3/4/13


Amanda Getting Lower Impressions
Amanda getting lower impressions


Dr. Kessler, Agoura Dentist, Works on Amanda
Dr. Kessler works on Amanda, 3/19/13


Dentist in Agoura Hills
Rocio working on Amanda, 4/15/13


Amanda with Rocio at Dr. Kessler's Office
Impressions on 4/15/13


Extended Family Helps Single Working Mom with Needed Dental Work
Registering Bite on 5/8/13


Dentist in Agoura
Final Wax Try-In - Real Thing is Next!


Smile Amanda
Say Cheese

Amanda Helping Amanda... It's Bashert!

April 28th Fundraiser Was A Huge Success!
(see pics)

Amanda and Amanda with Mark in Lobby at Kessler & Resnick DDS
Amanda Broyles filling out new patient forms at
Kessler & Resnick DDS, with Amanda Feenberg
and Mark Carmer at her side.


A Community Comes Together ~

Extended Family joins with Agoura Hills Dentist (Kessler & Resnick, D.D.S.) and AC Stelle student Amanda Feenberg to help single working mom.

February 9, 2013

Amanda Feenberg is about to turn 13 years old and is preparing for her bat mitzvah.  In the Jewish religion turning 13 is when you enter into adulthood.  One component of a bar/bat mitzvah is a mitzvah project. Essentially, this requires someone to perform a good deed or service of some kind.  

Amanda Feenberg chose to help out Extended Family ~ a nonprofit charitable organization designed to assist single parent families in need (hey, that’s us!).  Specifically, Amanda is going to raise money to assist a single working mother by the name of Amanda Broyles.  Mark Carmer (president and founder of Extended Family) contacted his friend and personal dentist, Dr. Darren Kessler who agreed to provide a free initial consultation.  Jeanine at the front desk set everything up and on Saturday morning, February 9th at 8am Amanda Feenberg and her father met Mark Carmer and Amanda Broyles at Kessler & Resnick DDS in Agoura Hills, California.

Ms. Broyles has been living with serious pain due to an extreme amount of overdue dental work that needs to be done.  Amanda Feenberg decided she wanted to raise money so Ms. Broyles could get this extremely expensive and much needed dental work.  More information about the mitzvah project and Amanda’s fundraising efforts will be provided shortly.  In the meantime, Dr. Kessler’s office provided a free dental exam and x-rays and a plan was made to get Amanda Broyles the dental work she desperately needs. 

After this initial appointment, Dr. Kessler graciously agreed to volunteer the time and expertise of himself and his staff free of charge to perform the extensive amount of dental work Amanda Broyles needed.  With the money to be raised by Amanda Feenberg's mitzvah project, the lab work and the cost of supplies and materials associated with these dental procedures will be paid for and Ms. Broyles can finally feel good about herself, live without constant pain and smile again!  

February 13, 2013

The second of several appointments was today, Wednesday, February 13, 2013 and lasted over 2 hours. Together, Rocio and Dr. Kessler filled multiple cavities, extracted decayed and infected teeth, began crowns and root canals on several teeth and prepped Amanda for partial dentures. 

Amanda was a trooper and everyone at Dr. Kessler's office was amazing!  Ms. Broyles and her Extended Family sincerely thank you!

See you next week :)

February 20, 2013

Amanda Broyles had her third dental appointment at Kessler & Resnick DDS in Agoura Hills today. Dr. Kessler DDS and Rocio Tamayo, RDA completed five (5) root canals, took additional x-rays and temporary teeth were put in. It was another very long appointment (over 2.5 hours) and Amanda did great, but after watching everything they did I have a feeling the prescriptions they gave her to control the pain will come in handy.

Agoura Hills Dentist Dr. Kessler and Rocio working on Amanda

Dr. Kessler told us that the two most difficult appointments are now done and the next appointment is scheduled for March 4th. Extended Family can not begin to thank Dr. Kessler and his staff enough for everything they are doing... you are a truly wonderful person (and a darn good dentist to boot)!

Stay tuned...


Rocio talking to Amanda


March 4, 2013

At 1pm today Amanda Broyles arrived at Kessler & Resnick DDS in Agoura Hills for her fourth appointment. What was going to be a shorter appointment turned into another 3 hours in the chair for Amanda. Rocio and Dr. Kessler removed two more teeth, took more x-rays, and impressions for Amanda's new smile were made. Amanda was a real trooper once again and as always, everyone at Dr. Kessler's office was amazing!

Agoura Hills Dentist - Dr. Kessler

On her way out, Amanda was provided with a prescription for pain management medicine... and Dr. Kessler told her that during the remaining appointments there will be no more shots, no more pain, and the appointments will be much shorter :)

Amanda's next dentist appointment is scheduled for 9am on March 19th.


Martha Works On Amanda


March 19, 2013

This morning "little" Amanda looked on as "patient" Amanda had more dental work done. Dr. Kessler and Martha, an RDA at Kessler & Resnick dentist in Agoura Hills, completed multiple crowns, took more x-rays, as well as top and bottom impressions.

As usual, everyone at Dr. Kessler's office was wonderful!!!! Compared to the other appointments, this appointment was quick and relatively painless.

The next appointment should be a quick one, as it is simply a "try in" of the implants... scheduled for April 9th.

NOTE: Amanda's appointment was changed from April 9th to April 15th!


Amanda at Kessler & Resnick Dentist in Agoura Hills

April 15 , 2013

Amanda Feenberg and Mark Carmer joined Amanda Broyles at her dentist appointment today. More impressions were taken (as you can see by the pictures) and this was the fastest appointment yet. After the appointment all three discussed the upcoming movie fundraiser. Only three more appointments left :)


Agoura Hills Dentist, Dr. Kessler, With Amanda


May 8, 2013

At noon today Amanda had another dentist appointment at Kessler & Resnick - a wonderful dentist office in Agoura Hills, CA. During this appointment Dr. Kessler registered her bite with bite blocks. The appointment wasn't too long and was not painful or uncomfortable at all for Amanda :) There are only 2 appointments left!!!

The next appointment is scheduled for May 28th at 1pm, where they will try wax with the teeth.

Agoura Dentist - Dr. Kessler with Amanda

Todays appointment at Kessler & Resnick Agoura Hills dentist office today was great. Amanda had her final wax try-in, a few adjustments were made, and we were on our way. The next appointment is an exciting one... Amanda will get her "new teeth" and essentially be done (except for possibly coming back for minor adjustments if necessary).

The next/final appointment June 11th at 3pm.


Final appointment date was rescheduled until July 27th.

Final Dentist Appointment

It was all smiles for Extended Family and Amanda Broyles today as she received her new "grill". Dr. Kessler and the entire Kessler & Resnick Agoura Dentist team was incredible and we can't thank them enough for everything they did!

Amanda all smiles

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