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Woodland Hills, CALIFORNIA – September 18, 2014 - It has been said, a mother’s love is instinctual, unconditional, and forever. Following is one mother’s story.

When Anna’s now 18 month old daughter Morgan was born she was welcomed into a loving home with both parents there to care for her.  It was agreed that Anna would be a stay at home mom, devoting all of her time to caring for her fiancé and precious baby. However, within six months of Morgan’s birth Anna’s life took a sudden detour. Her fiancé began drinking and his personality changed. The once loving and supportive family man became loud and abusive. He refused to pay for necessities for Anna or Morgan, going so far as to refuse to buy diapers. Anna did not hesitate, she immediately found a job and good childcare for Morgan. She saved every penny she could as fast as she could, planning to take Morgan and move to their own, safer place, as soon as she saved enough money. Raising Morgan around someone who was loud, angry, and verbally abusive “was not going to happen,” Anna said.

As this major life change was occurring, Anna contacted Extended Family and completed an application for assistance. She detailed what was happening in her life and Morgan’s. Anna explained she needed to make a plan to move and was requesting partial rental assistance for a period of six months “until I get on my feet financially”. An Extended Family volunteer was assigned to research and verify Anna’s application information and to speak to her references. During this processing time of approximately two weeks, things at home grew increasingly difficult for Anna.

Although Anna had previously made the decision to leave because of her fiancé’s personality changes, the abuse accelerated rapidly. One evening when his verbal abuse suddenly turned physical, Anna instantly went into instinctual mama bear protective mode. She picked Morgan up in her arms and ran out the door, directly to the closest Police Station. She filed charges of domestic abuse against her fiancé, holding firm, ignoring his threats of further violence if she did so. To quote one of Anna’s friends “this is one determined lady.”

That night Morgan and Anna, with nothing but a small diaper bag, moved in with Anna’s brother. She had not yet saved enough money to cover first and last month’s rent on an apartment, pay her bills and pay rent every month. She knew her brother, with whom she shares a lovely and loving relationship, did not have room for two permanent house guests. Anna needed help immediately.

At the time a volunteer with Extended Family first spoke with Anna she had recently begun working and was living with her daughter and fiancé. The next time they spoke, approximately two weeks after their first conversation, everything had changed. Anna had removed Morgan from an unsafe and unacceptable environment. She had filed a domestic abuse charge against her fiancé. She had moved out of their abusive home, and moved in with her brother. Within two weeks Anna had worked miracles, but there was more! After a few days living with her brother, Anna found an apartment that fit her budget and managed to scrape together the bare minimum her new landlord would accept, and moved into a small, safe apartment. One determined lady indeed!  Anna’s new landlord was generous enough to agree to wait a few weeks for additional money necessary for first and last month’s rent.

When Nina, the Extended Family volunteer working on Anna’s file, called Anna to arrange to meet with her to finalize her request for assistance things had certainly changed! There was a stronger, happier Anna on the telephone. Anna’s need for rental assistance had not changed, her life however had changed dramatically.

The Extended Family Grant Selection Committee had discussed Anna’s case at length. It was agreed that she would benefit greatly by receiving rental assistance for six months. It was Anna’s belief, as well as that of Extended Family, that at the end of a six month period Anna would be in a better place financially and be able to be self-sufficient. Anna would be due for a raise and she would have her notary license allowing her to earn the extra money needed to handle her monthly bills.

Bret and Nina, Extended Family volunteers, met with Anna to present her with a check to cover a portion of her monthly rent. Anna was given a letter that explained that, for a period of five more months, her landlord would receive a check from Extended Family to cover a portion of her rent. Anna was also presented with a small check to help with the purchase of a few necessities for her new home. It was a meeting filled with happy and grateful tears, from everyone!

We are all so proud to help Anna, and thrilled to have her as a member of our Extended Family. The goal of Extended Family is to reward, inspire and empower hard working single parents.  Anna, a hard working single mom, exemplifies what is meant by a mother’s love is instinctual, unconditional, and forever.

Extended Family® was proud to be there for Anna and Morgan and it wouldn’t be possible without the support of others, as Extended Family is a 100% volunteer organization that is fully funded by the generosity of individual and corporate donations. Please consider showing your support by making a contribution today.

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