Extended Family Assisting Single Parent Families In Financial Need

Letter To Extended Family:

I have received the award and literally, I have been trying to keep it together but after reading the letter I have found myself  in tears. 

“I am a pretty tough cookie” and I have the ability to compose myself most of the time, but I’m so touched and extremely grateful for the support that I have received from You [Mark], Melissa and the board members of your organization.

I also wish you all the success in your organization. Because of you, we are now able to sleep at night knowing that we have the security of a roof over our heads! 

This situation has given me a true outlook on just how important charity is and it also makes me want to strive to be all that I can be, so that I am able to be a blessing to someone in the future- this is what life is about! 

My sincerest thank you and gratitude for all your work!

~ Arianna

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