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EMAIL FROM SINGLE FATHER TO EXTENDED FAMILY ~ Considers Every Difficult Day A Blessing:

For many years alcohol had been a factor in my life. I lost my son to cps due to that. I entered a program of AA which saved my life and have been sober since.

Dylan's mother showed no interest in him or bettering herself. I did. I went through months upon months of parenting classes and therapy to help myself be a better father and person. And that I am. The court was very impressed in what I had accomplished and the judge shed a tear reading my letter of thanks to cps. He awarded me my son Dylan with 100 percent full custody. A true blessing. Since this time, we have not received a penny or heard from his mom.

Today, I work very hard at a low paying job to support us. We have a single bedroom apt and love it. I do struggle very much to pay bills but am very greatful for what we have. Dylan is enrolled in school full time. We go out every weekend and do beautiful things.

This leads me to a huge THANK YOU to Nina Kessler for helping out my family. You saved our place of living and our minds knowing that there are blessings. As a single dad I couldn't find help anywhere until you. Me and Dylan are so happy for that. Today is better than yesterday and tomorrow will be even better. THANK YOU EXTENDED FAMILY FOR HELPING MY FAMILY....


David and Dylan

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