Extended Family Executive Officers

Mark Carmer - Extended Family Founder / President
Mark Carmer, Founder / President

Mr. Carmer was born and raised in the San Fernando Valley and continues to reside there.  He is the proud father of an 13-year-old girl and a 16-year-old boy.  His wonderful wife, Lisa, was an elementary school teacher with LA Unified School District as well as Heschel West Day School in Agoura and a graduate of the USC School of Education. Mr. Carmer earned a B.S. degree in Public Administration from USC in 1992, but chose to enter the private sector and become an entrepreneur.  While at USC Mark was a member of AEPi Fraternity and received a national award for being the best Exchequer (treasurer) in the country. After graduating, he worked in management for several organizations and was the co-owner and Director of Mighty Net, Inc. While working there Mr. Carmer played an integral part in the formation and ongoing operations of various businesses including a direct mail program generating SBA loan leads for banks and several e-commerce websites, including CreditReport.com.  Mark is currently the co-owner of Tinyinkling.com, LLC a small internet based business which develops, owns and operates various websites including ActingResume.com and MatsMatsMats.com.  He has been fortunate with his business career and has continually donated his time and money to a host of worthwhile charitable organizations over the years. Mark continues to support many great causes, but he wanted to do something more to give back, so he founded Extended Family to "reward" hard working single parent families.


Nina Kessler - Extended Family VP of Marketing
Nina Kessler, Vice President

Nina Kessler “Mom” to her six children and Nana to 13 grand children has had plenty of time to practice and perfect her mothering techniques over the years.  If asked “what do you do” she would reply “I am a mom” spoken with the same dignity and honor typically reserved for the CEO of a major corporation.  When Nina’s youngest started school she had time, actual time to devote to something she had always dreamed of… She became a volunteer at Child Guidance Clinic, working with children. Following the untimely death of her husband, Nina found it necessary to find work outside of her home.  When she discovered Child Help USA, a charitable organization focusing on the prevention and treatment of child abuse, it was a perfect match.  Her position with Child Help required her to combine two of her strengths: children, specifically children in need, and writing.  While employed at Child Help Nina was responsible for writing and assembling the charities promotional materials and brochures. Later, Mrs. Kessler discovered Our House Grief Support Center.  During her six years volunteering with Our House Nina acted as a Group Leader working with young children who had suffered the unthinkable tragedy of having a parent die.  This position allowed Nina to interact with numerous single parents on a repeated basis.  It brought her new understanding of the difficulties and hurdles facing single moms and dads as they attempt to do it all, often all on their own.

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