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Woodland Hills, CA – August 27, 2012 – Jasmine Bush is the hardworking single mother of a 3-year-old girl, Isis.  The girl’s father has not really been a part of his daughter’s life (physically or financially) since she was born, so Jasmine has had to raise her daughter on her own.  This is a difficult situation for anyone, but when you have little or no income it’s almost impossible to do on your own.

Jasmine Bush is doing whatever she can to improve the life for her and her little goddess, Isis.  She works as a medical / clinical assistant at Mary Ellen Locher Breast Center.  Everyone we spoke with – friends, family and co-workers – praised Jasmine for her determination and hard work.  However, in spite of all her efforts, she continued to have difficulty financially.  Jasmine and her daughter had no place to live and had to move into a shelter.  Jasmine’s grandmother has a home that she will allow them to move into, but the home is in complete disrepair and needs a lot of work in order for it to be inhabitable and safe for Jasmine and her daughter.  Fortunately for Jasmine, she found an organization called Extended Family that was able to assist her.

According to Mark Carmer, the founder of Extended Family, “we assist those single parents who are employed and working hard for their families, but find it’s still not enough.  Our current government programs are not designed to provide aid to those who are trying to better themselves. Single parents, who are employed in an effort to improve the lives of their children, often fail to qualify for government or charitable assistance because they are earning an income.  Extended Family believes these are the people who should be supported the most.  We believe in helping those who are alone and working hard to help their family.  Being a good single parent is tough enough, but being a good single parent with limited financial resources and little or no support from family or friends is almost impossible. Extended Family tries to make it a little easier.”

Thanks to Extended Family, the future is a little brighter for Jasmine Bush and her daughter.  Extended Family has provided funding to allow for the needed home repairs. Jasmine and her beautiful three year old daughter will soon have a safe place to call home.. Jasmine and her beautiful three year old daughter will soon have a safe place to call home.

For more information about Extended Family and/or to make a donation so the 501(c)(3) organization can help other families like the Yablon’s go to or contact Mark Carmer at 818-936-2614 or at


Jasmine Bush's Home Before Repair by Extended Family Charity
Front of House

Extended Family Charity Repaired This Bathroom

Extended Family Charity Repaired Kitchen and Dining Room
Kitchen/Dining Room

Extended Family Charity Helps Single Parent Families
Master Bedroom


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