Extended Family Assisting Single Parent Families In Financial Need




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May 2, 2013                                                



LaToya Jones receiving grant from Samira Amirzadegan and Mark Carmer of Extended Family

Extended Family Assisting Single Parent Families In Financial Need



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Single Mom, Five Guys Burgers Crew Member, Evicted?

Woodland Hills, CA – May 2, 2013 – LaToya Jones earned a certificate as a chefs and catering assistant, but is unable to utilize her expertise until she completes two years in a restaurant setting.  So, LaToya Jones, although overqualified for her position, took the only job she could find in the industry - she is working full time at Five Guys Burgers and Fries.  LaToya is also a single mother of two children, ages 11 and 5.  She receives no assistance, physically or financially, from her children’s father.  Ms. Jones has always paid her rent and she and her family have lived in the same apartment for six years.  

Recently one of her children became ill and Ms. Jones was forced to miss work days to care for her child.  In addition to the missed work, there were medical bills that needed to be paid.  LaToya fell behind on bills and on her rent.  She looked for assistance everywhere she could, but was turned down by the Los Angeles County, the Salvation Army, and several other charitable organizations.  LaToya Jones was served with a 3-Day Notice and feared she would be evicted from her home and have no place to live. Fortunately for Ms. Jones and her family, while searching the internet, she found an organization called Extended Family®.   

According to Mark Carmer, the founder of Extended Family®, “we assist those single parents who are employed and working hard for their families, but find it’s still not enough.  Our current government programs are not designed to provide aid to those who are trying to better themselves. Single parents, who are employed in an effort to improve the lives of their children, often fail to qualify for government or charitable assistance because they are earning an income.  Extended Family® believes these are the people who should be supported the most.  We believe in helping those who are alone and working hard to help their Family.  Being a good single parent is tough enough, but being a good single parent with limited financial resources and little or no support from family or friends is almost impossible. Extended Family® tries to make it a little easier.”  Mark Carmer also stated that “100% of donations received by Extended Family® go directly towards assisting single parent families. No donation money is used for the cost of offices, phones, supplies, postage, administrative costs, marketing costs or any other expense not directly related to assisting a family in need.”

Thanks to Extended Family®, LaToya and her children were not evicted.  Extended Family® rewarded her with a grant to pay for her past due rent (plus fees) and the following months rent in full.  Additionally, Extended Family® provided her with some extra cash to help with medical expenses, household bills, and car repair.


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