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March 3, 2014                                   

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Mark Carmer

Lavonne and Amara with Nina of Extended Family
Extended Family® Grant Selection Committee Member,
Nina, with Lavonne and Amara.

Lavonne and Amara with Bret of Extended Family
Extended Family® Grant Selection Committee Member,
Bret, with Lavonne and Amara.

Extended Family® Charity Gives Canoga Park Mom Something to Celebrate

In 2012 Lavonne had been working as a production specialist / researcher at Bank of America and living in an apartment in the San Fernando Valley. Her rent and bills were always paid on time.  In January 2013, the birth of her daughter Amara was a time of joyous celebration for Lavonne and her family.  Amara’s father is not a part of their lives and as Lavonne puts it, “I have been supporting my daughter financially all by myself since day one.” Lavonne is blessed with a loving family and wonderful friends who are there to provide emotional support, but are unable to provide financial assistance.  Because Lavonne had not been at her current job with Bank of America for over twelve months when Amara was born, she received only partial pay during her maternity leave. Already living paycheck to paycheck, the loss of this income was financially devastating to Lavonne. With no government assistance available to her because she is employed full time, Lavonne found herself falling behind on rent.  After doing everything she could on her own a neighbor of hers told her about an organization called Extended Family® that assists single parents and suggested she contact them.  When she contacted Extended Family® she told a volunteer working on her application that she was “trying to make a fresh start in a less expensive apartment” and just couldn’t manage the first, last and security deposit required by the landlord without some help.

According to Mark Carmer, the founder of Extended Family®, “we reward single parents who are employed and working hard for their families, but find it’s still not enough.  Our current government programs are not designed to provide aid to those who are trying to better themselves. Single parents, who are employed in an effort to improve the lives of their children, often fail to qualify for government or charitable assistance because they are earning an income.  Extended Family® believes these are the people who should be supported the most.  We believe in helping those who are alone, work hard to help their family, and set a good example for their children.  Being a good single parent is tough enough, but being a good single parent with limited financial resources and little or no support from family or friends is almost impossible. Extended Family® tries to make it a little easier.”  Mark also stated that “100% of donations received by Extended Family® go directly towards assisting single parent families. No donation money is ever used to pay for the cost of offices, phones, supplies, postage, administrative costs, marketing costs or any other expense not directly related to assisting a family in need.”

After receiving Lavonne’s application for assistance, Extended Family® contacted her references and employer to find all of them praise her.  Through their words Extended Family® heard what a beautiful, hardworking, young woman, loving mother, and dear friend Lavonne is. Nina Kessler, a volunteer with Extended Family® said, “it was with pleasure that we were able to help Lavonne and Amara move into their new and more affordable apartment and we are proud to call them a part of our Extended Family.”

For more information about Extended Family and/or to make a tax deductible donation, so this 501(c)(3) organization can help more families, go to:
www.ExtendedFamily.org or contact Mark Carmer at 818-937-3766 or at MCarmer@ExtendedFamily.org.


Lavonne Receiving Grant Award
Lavonne Receiving Grant Award

Lavonne Reading Award Letter
Lavonne Reading Grant Award Letter

Lavonne and Amara Excited After Receiving Award
Lavonne and Amara Happy After Receiving Award


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