Author Pays It Forward By Agreeing To Donate Profit of Book Sales To Extended Family®

Jacqueline DrugaJacqueline Druga is a wonderful author best known for her apocalyptic works, but her books expand many genres, including: humor, YA, romance, sci-fi and thriller. She is a mother and a grandmother. Jacqueline chose to donate the proceeds from her recently released book,Road To Lodi, to Extended Family!  

Jacqueline, can relate to Extended Family® because she was once a struggling single mother of four. As she explains it... "six years ago my husband left without warning, and I was alone, unemployed, and raising my teenagers without support. I lost my house, my car, and nearly my sanity. There were times when food was so scarce, I didn’t eat. I bottomed out. I went from living in a three bedroom home to a three room apartment with two teenage girls, one of which was pregnant. Faith, strength, determination were big factors that pulled me through, but I would not have survived many times, utilities off, no food, if someone didn’t reach out to me.  A woman paid it forward and helped me out, she asked me to do the same one day.

My novels support my household. We’re not rich, but I make a living. Again, I went from being 89 pounds, starving, working at a nursing home for barely above minimum wage to standing strong.  The best way for me to pay it forward is through my writing.  I am blessed and consider myself successful because I am standing on my own two feet and supporting my family alone." 

Extended Family® was chosen because Jacqueline wanted to help single mothers/parents who are in the position she was in several years ago.


Brief Description of Book - Road To Lodi:
Road To LodiHennie McIntyre believes she has it all, perfect kids, perfect husband and a super marriage. Until the day her husband walks out the door. Her world cascades from the weight of the devastating and blindsiding breakup. Suddenly single and under employed, Hennie finds herself unable to ‘snap back’ and decides the only thing she can do to move forward is to go back. Back home to Lodi, Ohio. 

Her road to recovery is not an easy one. It is filled with near nervous breakdowns, an over bearing father, a pregnant teenage daughter and a comical string of bad first dates in an attempt to have a relationship again. Hennie soon discovers it’s not so easy. In order to heal and find a new life, she first has to find herself and rediscover her faith and trust in people.


Pay It Forward!
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To Jacqueline Druga:

Jackie - You are a role model for so many struggling single mothers (and fathers) out there who work so hard every day just to keep a roof over their family's head and food on the table. You are an inspiration and Extended Family® is so appreciative of your support! We wish you only the best of success with this book, your future books, and everything else in life!

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