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December 13, 2013                                                

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Mark Carmer


Stacie Stearns Receiving Grant Award

Stacie Stearns receiving grant award from Extended Family®.

Mark Carmer of Extended Family with Stacie and New Car

Mark Carmer founder of Extended Family® with Stacie and her new car.


WOODLAND HILLS, CA – December 13, 2013 – Stacie Stearns is a single mother living in a small apartment in Northridge with her teenage son and daughters.  A dedicated employee Stacie has worked two jobs as an Administrative Assistant six often seven days a week for eight years, in order to take care of her children. Stacie had very different plans for her life.  But plans change, life changes.  Her husband is no longer a part of the family and does not contribute financially to their support. There are no relatives to step in and lend a hand, it all falls on Stacie’s strong shoulders.  She was managing until her car became unreliable and she had issues getting her kids to school and getting herself to work. This caused her to be late to work on several occasions and lose hours / money that she couldn’t afford to lose. She was told that the cost to repair the car was more than the car was worth. 

Stacie heard about Extended Family® through a co-worker, and called, asking if there was anything at all Extended Family® might be able to do for her family. Extended Family® was designed to reward hard working single parents within the community, so the answer was yes.

According to Mark Carmer, founder of Extended Family®, “we assist those single parents who are employed and working hard for their families, but find it’s still not enough.  Our current government programs are not designed to provide aid to those who are trying to better themselves. Single parents, who are employed in an effort to improve the lives of their children, often fail to qualify for government or charitable assistance because they are earning an income.  Extended Family® believes these are the people who should be supported the most.  We believe in helping those who are alone and working hard to help their Family.  Being a good single parent is tough enough, but being a good single parent with limited financial resources and little or no support from family or friends is almost impossible. Extended Family® tries to make it a little easier.”  Mark also stated that “100% of donations received by Extended Family® go directly towards assisting single parent families. No donation money is ever used to pay for the cost of offices, phones, supplies, postage, administrative costs, marketing costs or any other expense not directly related to assisting a family in need.”

Extended Family® spent time with Stacie, discussing what could be done to help with her struggle to make her life, and that of her children, a little more comfortable.  Extended Family® replaced Stacie’s unreliable car with a better used car and stocked her cupboards with food.  Extended Family® was there for Stacie and her children, as they have been for many others, doing what family does in times of need, helping.   

For more information about Extended Family and/or to make a tax deductible donation, so this 501(c)(3) organization can help more families, go to:
www.ExtendedFamily.org or contact Mark Carmer at 818-937-3766 or at MCarmer@ExtendedFamily.org.


Thank You Letter to Extended Family


Stacie with her new car!

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