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Single Working Mom Needs a Hand – Reaches Out to Extended Family®

Woodland Hills, CA – July 10, 2013 – Susan is a devoted mom and dedicated employee.  Her daughter Marissa, who is 8 ½ years old, was born in Guatemala and adopted by Susan, who lovingly brought her daughter home to Los Angeles when she was only 5 months old.  Being a single parent is a challenge during the best of times and Susan has been faced with some exceptionally difficult challenges. Susan and her mom co-owned a condo, living together, each contributing to the household expenses and mortgage payments.  Sadly, Susan’s Mother was diagnosed with non-smoker’s lung cancer and did not survive.  At about the same time, Susan was unexpectedly confronted with a work furlough.  Unable to keep up with the mortgage Susan lost her home and she and Marissa moved into an apartment.  Adding to the grief caused by the death of her mother, and her ongoing financial struggle, Susan was recently faced with the painful and untimely death of her sister.

Susan is back at her job and doing her best to keep up with bills, both past and present.  She is very grateful her workplace offers a pass it down system for clothing which has been a big help.  Marissa adores ballet and Susan has also been looking for a scholarship program so that she can attend ballet school.  With no one to help and no family to turn to, Susan searched the internet and found Extended Family.

According to Mark Carmer, the founder of Extended Family®, “we assist those single parents who are employed and working hard for their families, but find it’s still not enough.  Our current government programs are not designed to provide aid to those who are trying to better themselves. Single parents, who are employed in an effort to improve the lives of their children, often fail to qualify for government or charitable assistance because they are earning an income.  Extended Family® believes these are the people who should be supported the most.  We believe in helping those who are alone and working hard to help their Family.  Being a good single parent is tough enough, but being a good single parent with limited financial resources and little or no support from family or friends is almost impossible. Extended Family® tries to make it a little easier.”  Mark Carmer also stated that “100% of donations received by Extended Family® go directly towards assisting single parent families. No donation money is ever used to pay for the cost of offices, phones, supplies, postage, administrative costs, marketing costs or any other expense not directly related to assisting a family in need.”

Extended Family® was there for Susan, providing funds to help with rent, ongoing bills, ballet lessons for Marissa… and a little peace of mind.



For more information about the Cicero family and/or for additional information about Extended Family® contact Mark Carmer at 818.937.3766 or MCarmer@ExtendedFamily.org.


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