Mission Statement:
Reward, inspire, and empower hard working single parents.

Extended Family® identifies single parents who are in
financial need and deserve assistance. 
We assist with needs
such as clothes, food, housing, transportation, medical,
education, and other expenses of this nature.
We let single
parents know that they are not alone, by acting as their
“extended family” in their time of need.

Our goal is to make their lives a little easier.  These are people/families who are not financially well off, they have little
or no support from others, yet they continue to work hard to
make their life and their families lives better.  Even with all
that hard work money is still scarce and that’s where
Extended Family® steps in.

Among other things, to be eligible for assistance:

  • Recipient must have sole or at least majority custody of their
    child(ren) and receive little or no help from the other parent.

  • Recipient must demonstrate a need for financial assistance.

  • Recipient’s award must be on behalf of or issued directly to
    a single parent/single legal guardian or child of a single
    parent/single legal guardian.

  • Recipient must be employed.

  • Recipient must reside in the San Fernando Valley or
    surrounding area.

  • Recipient must provide social security number.

    We work with various other organizations to identify hard
    working single parent families who meet this criteria. We do
    NOT accept unsolicited applications from individuals.


    If you like what we do and want to enable us to help more
    families in need, please
    make a donation!


Joanna and her boys enjoy their new car
Six daily bus trips no more!
Extended Family® rewarded Joanna with a car
allowing her to get to work and take her boys to
and from school.



Extended Family Rewards Single Working Mom Melissa Nye

Extended Family® award recipient Melissa Nye,
a single working mom and college student,
with her daughter Azrael.




Extended Family and Chase Bank Presenting Award To Single Working Mom Marlene Sarni

Samira Amirzadegan of Chase Bank and Mark Carmer of
Extended Family® presenting Marlene Sarni with grant award.



Agoura Dentist with Amanda

Amanda at one of her many appointments with
Kessler & Resnick DDS, an amazing dentist in Agoura.



Mother's Day Celebration

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